Best Smart Phones in India

Last Updated December 2015

Hi, there guys, I was asked for the best phones under different price segments, so I made this post, I’ll try to update it as frequently as possible.

I have categorised phones into different price segments, so it will be easy for u to make the right decision. I’ll mention reasons why u might want to consider buying it which are strictly my persona opinion and most of the time it will be correct and sometimes I might be miss informed, in such situations I’d appreciate if u could let me know.

Individual Links

Best Phones under Rs 50000 (and >40000)

Best Phones under Rs 40000 (and >30000)

Best Phones under Rs 30000 (and >20000)

Best Phones under Rs 20000 (and >15000)

Best Phones under Rs 15000 (and >10000)

Best Phones under Rs 10000 (and >5000)

Best Phones under Rs 5000 (and >10000)

Top 20 Mobiles in all price categories irrespective of the price

Oneplus 2

  • amazing build quality
  • top of the line specs
  • no NFC or infrared
  • latest android updates
  • worldwide developer community which means, many custom ROMs to choose from
  • stock experience, so You all have all the cool animations from lollipop

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Oneplus One 1

  • Still a pretty good phone even in 2015 and will be a good phone in 2016
  • the good quad core processor
  • latest android updates
  • worldwide developer community which means, many custom ROMs to choose from
  • stock experience, so you all have all the cool animations from lollipop
  • no fast charging, well if u never used it u wouldn’t mind missing it, but if u have used it, you’ll definitely miss it



Xiaomi MI4(buy 64gb version)

  • Still one of the best phones under 20000
  • great build, camera, very smooth UI
  • I personally don’t like the MIUI’s UI I like the stock android and its animations
  • has the same processor as Oneplus one
  • great performance, u can use it for more than 3 years


Nexus 6

  • Amazing build quality, awesome screen(AMOLED screen)
  • 2k resolution, U might not notice the difference but its still there
  • decent camera
  • Latest updates from google
  • only NFC, no infrared
  • I personally like the midnight blue version
  • if u are not a heavy user, buy 32gb version and if u are a heavy user buy 64gb version
  • Global developer community, so many custom ROMs


Nexus 6P

  • Latest mobile, fastest processor
  • fingerprint scanner, NFC
  • other things same as Nexus
  • Global developer community, so many custom roms


Nexus 5X

  • if  fingerprint scanner is not important to u, buy nexus 6 instead
  • still great mobile, same as Nexus 6, but just a normal display,
  • it would be great if it has an AMOLED display



Samsung s6

  • great phone
  • don’t expect many custom ROMs, you will only get TouchWiz based custom ROMs.
  • once u root ur device all loose warranty for sure
  • buy it if u are a normal user, who wants a branded(not that other phones are not Branded) phone that looks great has a good camera and is made of cutting edge technology.
  • don’t expect stable cyanogen based ROMs at least until a year from the release date


Samsung S6 edge

  • personally, great phone to look at, but not such a great phone to use,
  • I prefer flexibility and ease of use and performance over how the device actually looks or if the device has an edge
  • personally I things edge is great for viewing content say like movies or videos as it gives u the bezel-less feel, and coming to the usage u can live without it. so  id says go for the s6 instead.
  • in spite of all that, it is still one of the best phones to get



Samsung Note /Note Edge

  • Great phones, buy them only if u intend to use the S Pen  on day t day basic,
  • yes, the phone is huge and s pen is great but what’s the use if u don’t use it even once in a month or if u just use it to show off its features.
  • I bought the Note 3 thinking I’ll use the S Pen a lot, but I used it like once in a month
  • still the great phone, top of the line specs, S pen is amazing but comes with the same problems as other Samsung devices ie no custom ROMs, not much development or not as much as other nexus devices
  • software features provided by Samsung are good enough for starters


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